Nichole Weems

Board Treasurer

Nichole Weems is the Health and Sciences Portfolio Director at Fearless, a Baltimore-based digital services firm. She oversees projects for CMS & the CDC. As the Portfolio Director, Nichole is responsible for leading and growing their portfolio to achieve impact for their customers, culture, and community. She sets the vision for programmatic outcomes, works with customers to define mission outcomes, and operational execution towards those outcomes through architectural, technical, and staffing decisions.

In addition to supporting the Girl Scouts of Central, MD, Nichole supports U-try, an initiative to provide career and life coaching to those with an idea and ambition, but not clear on execution. She can also be found supporting the needs of Western High School Alumnae with donations of time, supplies, and financial donations. More recently she has met with BCPS high school juniors to help socialize women in STEM careers as a BCPS graduate.