Our Priorities

At the Digital Harbor Foundation, we are working to unlock opportunities and access by disrupting the root causes of the digital divide in our communities. To accomplish this critical work, we focus on four corners of the problem:


Digital Equity for Everyone

We believe that equitable access to digital resources is the only way to begin closing the digital divide. The history of digital redlining and disinvestment in communities, and specifically, communities of color, requires intentional and sustained commitment. The Digital Harbor Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities that facilitate access to these critical resources for the future for all communities. 

Projects advancing this work include: Project Waves, Tech Center, and Tech Extension.

Diversity in the Technology Sector

We believe that fostering diversity in the technology sector is critical to not only creating economic opportunity but will lead to the development and advancement of more equitable and better products, companies, and communities. Closing the digital divide is beneficial for the entire ecosystem. As the technology sector becomes increasingly diverse, we know that those who enter the ranks of the sector will continue to add value back into their individual communities by sharing their skills, knowledge, and resources.

Projects advancing this work include: Tech Center, Center of Excellence, and Tech Extension.

Innovative STEM Education

We believe that the best way to get youth excited about the careers of the future is to allow them to experience and learn the skills of these careers now. At the Digital Harbor Foundation, we create and scale best-in-class youth Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programming; provide scholarship to students to advance their opportunities; catalyze communities of STEM learning for educators; and work at the crossroads of academic research, policy, and community action to foster an ecosystem that fosters opportunities for all communities.

Projects advancing this work include: Ukraine Math & Science Achievement Fund, Tech Center, and Center of Excellence.

Technology for the Public Good

We believe that technology can help individuals and communities unlock their potential and create concrete pathways to opportunities. We work in community, in our home Baltimore and across the United States, to advance the creation and distribution of technology that is focused on increasing access to technologies serving the public good, with a belief that as more individuals leverage these technologies for good and fight back against the negative and exploitative applications of technology, we can create sustainable community-led structures to ensure long-term beneficial access.

Projects advancing this work include: Project Waves, Social Safety Net Product Studio, and Levi Engineering Hub.

We accomplish this work with the help of generous supporters like you. We invite you to join us in our effort to close the digital divide in Baltimore and communities around the United States.