Our History

Digital Harbor Foundation was born in Baltimore and dedicated to creating pathways to opportunity through technology. Our first initiatives included scholarships, an educator fellowship, and technology afterschool programs for youth. As we have grown and iterated over the years to expand our reach, with teammates and board members in a dozen states around the country, our beating heart has been rooted right here in Baltimore, grounded in the experiences in our community. As we celebrate a decade of dedication, and look to the future, we are committed now more than ever to digital equity for everyone, diversity in the tech sector, innovative stem education, and technology for the public good.

2013 | Tech Center

In 2013, Digital Harbor reopened the closed down South Baltimore Rec Center, converting it into a vibrant Tech Center to foster creativity, learning, productivity, and community. Over the past 10 years, we have served thousands of Baltimore youth and families with a focus on creating economic opportunities for youth with pathways into high growth tech sector jobs and fostering creativity as a tool to empower our youth to make a better future today.

2014 | Center for Excellence

Technology Education at the White House Maker Faire, with a commitment to share our learning nationally. The Center of Excellence provides educators locally and across the country with best-in-class STEM education training and support.

2019 | Project Waves

Founded by Adam Bouhmad as an artistic expression and response to the repeal of Net Neutrality, Project Waves explored technology solutions to provide high quality internet through a point-to-multipoint network. In response to the global novel coronavirus, the implications and need of this work grew exponentially, and through years of iteration and dogged determination, the team at Project Waves has developed and deployed increasingly accessible and free-at-the-point-of-delivery internet solutions to thousands of households who otherwise would be cut off from this opportunity. Initially started as a fiscally sponsored project, Project Waves made the decision to seek to become a permanent division of Digital Harbor Foundation in 2022.

2020 | Tech Extension

Founded in 2020, Tech Extension is working to close the gap between academic research on STEM education and federal, state, and local implementation. Tech Extension was inspired by the Cooperative Extension System, formalized in 1914, which bridges the gap between academic research and the agricultural economy.

2020 | Accelerating Impact

After initial efforts relating to fiscal sponsorship, the Digital Harbor Foundation began supporting at greater scale and began building the Impact Studio, an initiative mirroring network benefits of venture studios but focused on supporting social impact efforts. Today we are sponsoring a growing number of high-impact projects working to remove barriers for individuals to achieve their full potential and which are aligned to our core pillars of digital equity for everyone, diversity in the tech sector, innovative STEM education, and technology for the public good. See a list of current and prior projects.


Impact Reports

  2022 Annual Report (under development)
  2020-2021 Report (no annual reports)
  2019 Annual Report  
  2018 Annual Report  
  2017 Annual Report 

At Digital Harbor, we believe that durable, transformational impact is created in highly connected and supportive ecosystems. We invite you to become part of our ecosystem by supporting our work.