Kipp Bradford

Board Member

Kipp Bradford is Chief Technology Officer at Gradient, Inc. An engineering researcher, Kipp works at the boundaries of emerging technology and industries. He was previously a senior Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, hired as a result of the “Professor of Other” faculty search for an interdisciplinary scientist. Kipp’s work merges biology, ecology, and thermodynamics to develop new ways to manage climates at every scale—from personal thermal comfort up to global weather systems.

Over the past decade, Kipp has distinguished himself as a prolific high-tech innovator.  With a penchant for creating new products and finding new applications for existing technologies, he holds numerous patents for his inventions and has founded start-ups in the fields of transportation, consumer products, HVAC, and medical devices.

A resident of Pawtucket, Kipp organizes Rhode Island's mini Maker Faire and was a chair of the Rhode Island Entrepreneurship Faculty group.