Learning Communities

The Center of Excellence is working to foster communities of learning to advance the work of ensuring all students have access to innovative STEM-focused learning opportunities. Digital Harbor launched the Center of Excellence in order to ensure best-in-class STEM training made its way into these communities. Our work in this space is aimed at sharing best practices, catalyzing the development of relevant communities, and elevating the voices of these communities in conversations across the STEM ecosystem. 

Current Learning Community Projects

Our current projects include:

    • STEMbassadors We are working with OST Professionals across MD focused on engaging girls in STEM
    • Gabon, Africa / IREX Fellowship We are training 50 educators from Gabon
    • Discussion Panels We facilitate a set of discussion panels on STEM-relevant topics, including panels focused on engaging girls in STEM
    • Community of Practice We are actively working to build strong communities of practice, including the CTE fellowship, equity in STEM cohort, and a community of learning for makerspace managers