Equipment Sign Out Form

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Equipment Sign Out and Usage Agreement

Digital Harbor Foundation strives to ensure that all employees have the necessary tools and equipment to perform their duties. Employees are responsible for the care and safekeeping of organization-issued property and equipment. Furthermore, employees must take reasonable measures to prevent damage, loss, or theft of these items. When the use of Digital Harbor property is no longer necessary for work duties, employees must return these items in good operating condition. 

In exchange for the use of the company-owned equipment listed below, I agree to the following:  

(1) I understand that the equipment issued to me is to be used for Digital Harbor Foundation business, and this property belongs to Digital Harbor Foundation. I agree to use the equipment for work-related purposes only.

(2) I understand that I am responsible for immediately reporting to my supervisor if any of the listed below property is damaged, stolen, or lost. 

(3) I understand that stolen property must be reported to my local law enforcement authorities, and I must submit a copy of the police report to Human Resources to avoid replacement costs. 

(4) I understand that I am fully responsible and can be charged the current market value of any damaged, stolen, or unreturned property and equipment as specified in the Digital Harbor Foundation Employee Handbook

(5) I understand and acknowledge that failure to comply with these requirements may result in disciplinary action against me. I further understand that failure to return the equipment in good working order may be considered theft and result in criminal prosecution.

The following company property has been assigned to me:  

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