Critical Tech Podcast

The Critical Tech podcast grew from a need to educate the public about the inequities caused by the digital divide. Youth from SOMOS (Students Organizing a Multicultural and Open Society), a student organization from Baltimore’s City College High School, joined up with the Digital Harbor Foundation to create this podcast.

Episode 1: Introduction – Defining the Digital Divide
This is an 8-minute episode introduction to the podcast. In this episode, you will meet the team that put the podcast together, gain their insights on the digital divide, and most importantly start to create awareness about the Digital Divide and the urgency to close this gap.

Episode 2: Interview with The Teacher’s Democracy Project
In this episode, our narrators interviewed The Teachers Democracy Project. TDP brings together students, caregivers, and members of society to advocate for one cause. They will discuss their role in the community, explain further their work in the community on the Digital Divide, and why their work is important for addressing this issue.

Episode 3: Interview with Baltimore City Student A’Niya Taylor
In this episode, you will hear an interview between one of our narrators and Baltimore City College student, A’Niya Taylor, who will tell us about her personal experiences with the Digital Divide and how it has affected her life on all ends. This interview will exemplify how the Digital Divide is affecting many students and young people immensely.

Episode 4: Interview with Mr. Smith
In this episode, you will hear an interview with Mr. Sedrick Smith, who shares about the challenges he sees and experiences as both a parent and a Baltimore City School teacher.

Episode 5: A conversation with Ebonie Zooker
In this episode, we interview Miss Ebonie Zooker, a computer science teacher at The Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. Through this interview, we will gain insights into how the Digital Divide has affected her as a teacher and affected the productiveness and engagement of her students during the pandemic.

Episode 6: Project Waves – Part 1
In this episode, we will interview Sam Musgrave who is the Director of Operations for Project Waves. Sam will tell us more about the effort to connect disconnected communities.

Episode 7: Project Waves – Part 2

Episode 8: Zeke Cohen
In this episode, we will interview Coucil member Zeke Cohen, who will shed light on the role of government in ensuring that every person has access to the internet and where we can continue the fight for access.

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