We hope you’ve enjoyed following along with our end of year #ThrowbackThursday series, showcasing Digital Harbor’s impact in 2023!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have been along for the ride, whether at the start in 2013 or recently here in 2023. Your engagement and support over the last 10 years has been the cornerstone of our success!

As we close out the year, please enjoy this final recap of our history and the key events from 2021 until now! 


Taylor Boone

Development Associate, Digital Harbor Foundation

December 21, 2023


Early 2021 revealed the results of COVID Slam. A program organized by the Digital Harbor Foundation, Dent Education, and SmartLogic that employed a dozen students. The Goal? To build solutions to an urgent challenge faced by Baltimore youth related to remote learning: Mental Health.

Check out their solutions and the results of this past competition via Technical.ly!

June 2021 saw the return of in-person Summer Camp since the onset of the pandemic with the hiring of Tech Center’s Rob Moore!

““I want to make it feel like it’s a time to have fun, explore and look back on the skills that you’ve learned,” Moore said. “Hopefully by the end of [the camp] their imagination is now sparked and they’ll have another tool in their tool belt to create.”

–  Rob Moore, Tech Center Manager


During the 2022 Maryland STEM Festival Former Tech Center Director, Stephanie Alphee talks Digital Equity with other Local Tech Leaders.

“Whatever happens, the city’s youth need to be involved in the conversation because schooling and access to education is a big part of why the digital divide is even making headlines. Thinking more broadly, technology is already reframing formal education and needs to be a part of curricula.”

–  Stephanie Alphee, Tech Center Director


Digital Harbor Foundation joins a coalition of Baltimore’s corporations and institutions in the hopes of receiving a federal designation from The US Economic Development Administration (EDA) Tech Hubs Program. At least 20 regions in the US will be designated as tech hubs, allowing exclusive access to dedicated federal funding opportunities.

“We estimate the region could receive up to $500 million in funding to support the expansion of our tech ecosystem, creating at least 52,000 jobs and $3.2 billion in economic impact by 2030.”

– Pothik Chatterjee, Chief Economic Officer of the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC)

And as 2023 wrapped up, we received our Year 3 evaluation report for our collaborative National Science Foundation (NSF) grant Rec-to-Tech: Understanding the Role of Rec Center Educators in Creating Maker-based Technology and Computer Science. 

We’re proud of our accomplishments to date, grateful for the communities and partners we work with, and buoyed by the generosity and kindness of our supporters, like you. Thank you again! Look forward to what the next decade will bring.